Dusty Sparks Garden Art Emporium

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Welcome to the Dusty Sparks Garden Art Emporium! My name is Jerry Penner.

     "So why is the company called Dusty Sparks?"
The name reflects the use of wood and metal in what I make and the mess I make producing these things. Dust represents the wood, sparks represent the metal.

     "So what do you do?"
I reclaim materials as I can and repurpose them into new and beautiful things. Some items are functional, some are kitchy, some are completely off-the-wall, all are conceived in my twisted mind and made by my hand.

    "What do you make?"
My inventory is constantly changing based on materials availability. In the past I've made:
These items make great gifts as well as decorative and functional items in your own home. Come on in and see what I have for you today.