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What are Runes?

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What Are Runes?

Elder FUTHARK Runes with Pouch
Runes are the letter alphabet of the Viking, Celtic, and Germanic tribes. The difference between runes and other alphabets is that each letter has a separate meaning. They are carved on fruitwood tiles, one letter per tile.

How do Runes work?
The Three Fates are in charge of spinning, cutting, and weaving the thread of our lives and all living things into the fabric of existence. We can read these threads by connecting our own life-thread with the life-threads of the runes. When we choose and cast the runes, we can read the resonances and connections between ourselves and others.

How are Runes read?
For a quick question, think of your question and draw a rune out of the pouch. The single rune provides your answer.

For more detailed answers, draw three or nine runes from the pouch, shake them and cast them like dice. Where and how they fall indicates their importance in the reading. Runes that land face up are your present situation. Runes that land close together or touching are related or the same thing. Runes that land closer to the center are more important than runes that land near the edge of the cast. The face-up runes are read first.

Are Runes like Tarot?
Runes and Tarot use a similar mechanism for reading futures; both use the choosing from an assortment of objects to give answers. Both Runes and Tarot give a more accurate answer when more runes or cards are cast or dealt.

Dowsing and Numerology

Sterling Silver Dowsing Pendulum by Jerry Mystic
Jerry Mystic also performs pendulum dowsing and numerology to help answer your questions.

Dowsing can be used to find lost objects, determine the sex of a baby in-womb, answer questions about the past & future, and help increase one's spiritual energy levels.

Numerology is the mystical science of using your birthdate and the letters in your full given name to discover what the gods have in store for you (Destiny), what you seek for yourself (Heart's Desire), the path you will take to get there (Life path) and the helps or hindrances you will find along the way (Personality).


  • Numerology Chart: $15 - We explore your Destiny, Heart's Desire, Life Path and Personality by working out your numerology chart. You get to keep the worksheet so you can do it with your friends or use it on yourself with a different name.

  • 3 Rune Cast: $20 - The answer to 1 question with a little detail. Answer may include present and future as the gods decide.

  • 9 Rune Cast: $40 - Ask 1 question and get an answer that's in a lot more detail. Covers present and future, and is broken down into physical, psychological, and spiritual components as decided by the gods.

  • 20 Minutes, All You Can Ask: $80 - You decide the level of detail you need to answer your questions. Need a yes/no answer? Choose 1 rune. Need a little more detail? Cast 3 runes. Need a lot of detail? Cast 9 runes.We'll cast and re-cast, delving into questions as deep as you want to go.

  • Rune/Numerology Combo: $90 - 20 minutes of runes + your numerology chart.

Book a Private Rune Reading

In-person or distance. Contact Jerry to book an appointment.
Phone: 519-662-4009

Click Here for the Booking Form!

Corporate Events and Fundraisers

Jerry Mystic Table Setup
Corporate Events:
$180/hr., 2 hr minimum. You provide a 6 ft X 6 ft (2m X 2m) space in a quiet area, I bring everything else (tables, chairs, lighting, reading tools). No charge to participants.

Buck & Buck / Buck & Doe / Doe & Doe:
4 hr minimum. You provide a 6 ft X 6 ft (2m X 2m) space in a quiet area, I bring everything else (tables, chairs, lighting, reading tools). Individual reading prices apply, 50% of proceeds are returned to the happy couple through the event organizer.

Charity Events:
You provide a 6 ft X 6 ft (2m X 2m) space in a quiet area, I bring everything else (tables, chairs, lighting, reading tools). Individual reading prices apply. All proceeds are returned to the registered charity in exchange for a charitable donation receipt. Minimum $100

Home Parties:
You invite 6 - 10 people for a Reading Party. You provide a 6 ft X 6 ft (2m X 2m) space for me in a quiet area, I bring everything else (tables, chairs, lighting, reading tools). Your guests come to me for their readings, individual reading prices apply. As the Host(ess), you get your reading for free!

Click Here for the Booking Form!


Q: How far in advance do we have to book you?
A: You can book in as little as 1 week or as long as 1 year in advance. Contact me to find out my availability.

Q: How much notice do you need for us to cancel, change the venue, or the date?
A: I can work with as little as 1 week.

Q: Are you any good?
A: I've been reading runes for over 20 years. I've had people come to me, get a reading they didn't like, and come back the next year looking for another reading because I was right.

Q: Where are you located? How far will you travel?
A: I'm in Brantford. I'll travel up to 50 km for free. This includes Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, New Hamburg, Ayr, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Norwich, Tillsonburg, Delhi, Simcoe, Waterford, Port Dover, Hagersville, Cayuga, Hamilton and Burlington. For an extra $20 I'll travel up to 80km to Stratford, St. Mary's, Thorndale, London, Aylmer, Port Burwell, Port Rowan, Turkey Point, Grimsby, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Erin, Milton, Fergus, Arthur and Elmira. 

Brantford and Surrounding Area 

Where is Jerry Mystic Today?

Mystical Products by Jerry Mystic

Products are hand-made by Jerry Mystic. Products include:
  • Dowsing pendulums in wood, stone and metal
  • Rune sets
  • Dowsing PendulumElder FUTHARK Rune set by Jerry Mystic
Contact Jerry with your requests. Custom work is available for very reasonable prices.

Free Mystical Stuff

Download Free Mystical Stuff   Numerology Chart - Everything you need to find the destiny the gods have in store for you: the desire you would like to reach, the path you will take to get there, and the helps or hindrances your personality will give along the way. Convert the letters in your name to numbers, add them up, and get your numerological chart.

Download Free Mystical Stuff - A TrueType Elder Futhark rune font for Windows. This font has correct spacing, straight lines, and Jera facing the correct way.

Download Free Mystical Stuff   Letter to Robin
- A comprehensive beginner's guide to dowsing in PDF format.

Rune Picker   Rune Picker - An online interactive single-rune answer system to your simple questions.